Lyneham Revisited

Welcome to Lyneham Revisited

This area of the site is all about what used to be. If you have any information that would be suited to this page, then why not email us. Do you have any old news stories from the past to share?

Do you remember when

  • Britannia was based at Lyneham too.. I remember well flying one from Brize to Malta!
  • The Large Car park behind the NAFFI used to be an open air swimming pool! Be cool to have that reinstated!
  • The Britannia Aircraft was based at Lyneham (Pictured)
  • The Insurance Brokers used to be a Florist – Run by Mrs Turtle
  • The Chinese used to be next door to the BP garage
  • Wiltshire Car Centre used to be a Ford and Reliant Garage
  • The Mallard used to be a butchers shop – Still is ain’t it 🙂
  • Lyneham without all the married quarters – A proper village until the MOD came along!
  • The Ark Charity shop used to be a bakers – Park of Bassett Bakers!..They use to do wicked Chelsea Buns
  • The Banks garage, now Zebedee & Powney, has also been, The Cheap Van Centre, Maxfield Motors, Wiltshire Car Centre, Start Racing, Furniture restoration….
  • There was only one Boring village Website! – Least now there’s one boring one and one funny one!
  • If Lynehams ever had decent tasting fish and chips – is it just me who finds them gross? (Bassett MUCH tastier)
  • The Pizza parlour used to be a bookies
  • The Laundry used to be Lyneham Computers, Pine Shop, Pet store, Bike Shop, Kiddies clothes shop.. The building is Jinxed..!
  • Akers used Car Centre used to be the JET garage!